Heart of Moscow

Red Square Take a good look at the ensemble of the Moscow Kremlin. Its buildings stand on a steep hill, washed at the foot by the Moskva River. Behind the turreted crenelated walls overlooking the bank, stand the cathedrals, palaces and bell-towers whose sky-piercing silhouette imparts a sunny grace. One begins sightseeing in Moscow, as…

The Russian City

South-West, a new residential district in Moscow What does a Russian city look like? It is not so crowded as a European city. The houses, which, as a rule, are from six to ten storeys high — true there are still some still taller buildings — are freely arranged with broad thoroughfares between blocks. Squares…

Bolshoi Theatre

Festival of Art In winter time the Russian theatre season is in full swing. All play houses are open and you are sure to meet your favorite actors. The Russian theatrical season has its own characteristic feature. It is a time when bright posters bill the names of young playwrights, directors and actors of ambitious…

Winter Landscapes

Indeed, a peep through the port-hole at the fields and forests already gives you a glimpse of the Russian landscape. There is nothing in the way of rocky mountains or endless vacant fields in Russia. Winter time in Central Russia is a harmonious blend of woods — usually of white birches, slim pines and the…

Russian Cars

The Russian cars history and auto industry of Russia went and still going through the ups and downs. However, Russia is experiencing a real car boom in recent years.

St. Basil’s Cathedral

For many inhabitants of planet Earth, the St. Basil’s Cathedral is a symbol of Russia and Moscow – the same as the Eiffel Tower for France and Paris, the Statue of Liberty to the United States.

Russian Language

If you up to challenge and can learn Cyrillic alphabet, if you can learn Russian language at least a little bit – it will make your trip to Moscow Russia a lot easier.

Stalin’s skyscrapers

Stalin’s skyscrapers or Seven Sisters – seven look the same buildings which built on the orders of Josef Stalin. They were constructed for the glorification of the Country after World War II.

Reproduction of the portrait “Emperor Alexander II is a liberator of the Christians in the East”

Reproduction of the portrait “Emperor Alexander II is a liberator of the Christians in the East”. A cheap popular prim. Chromolithograph. The Museum of the Russian Literature Institute in Saint Petersburg. Alexander II is Emperor of Russia. His reign was marked by a number of reforms which touched on nearly all units of state power,…

In Russian literature.

In Russian literature, too, we find very characteristic and vivid examples of such creativity. There are the sophisticated baroque work of Simeon of Polotsk and the political caricatures of Archpriest Avvakum (seventeenth century); the monumental mosaic compositions of Lomonosov (eighteenth century); the romantic landscapes of Zhukovsky and Baratynsky; the elegiac landscapes of Batyushkov; Gogol’s architectural…