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Three police officers

Police - the succession of generations and sculpture "The opening of this sculptural composition will be dedicated to May 9. Soon over bronze sculptures will be work masters. The sculpture depicts the policeman, Soviet policeman and modern police. It symbolizes the continuity of generations," - said the press service of the Nizhny Novgorod police.

Police – the succession of generations and sculpture
“The opening of this sculptural composition will be dedicated to May 9. Soon over bronze sculptures will be work masters. The sculpture depicts the policeman, Soviet policeman and modern police. It symbolizes the continuity of generations,” – said the press service of the Nizhny Novgorod police.
“The opening of this sculptural composition will be dedicated to May 9. Soon over bronze sculptures will be work masters. The sculpture depicts the policeman, Soviet policeman and modern police. It symbolizes the continuity of generations,” – said the press service of the Nizhny Novgorod police.

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The paper presents the analysis of the patent information about modification of composite materials by introducing functional complex additives and/-or nanoadditives.

Inventions can be applied in building technologies in order to produce nanomodified composite materials on the basis of air and hydraulic binder substances, that will allow us to intensify considerably industrial production of nanomodified composite materials by introducing new compositions of additives.

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Foam stabilization by nanosized additives is proposed to use as the means for increasing the quality of non-autoclave foam concretes. Sols of silicic acid and iron hydroxide were chosen to be such additives. The paper shows that nanosized particles make it possible not only to increase the resistance of the foam itself and foam concrete mix but also to use cement hardening activators without foam destruction.

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It’s quite impossible to imagine modern construction without concrete. Today the world volume of concrete being produced is more than 4 milliard of m3 per year. Concrete is used under different operational conditions, it is ecologically friendly material and it has unlimited source of raw materials and comparatively low cost.

One should also mention its high architectural and construction expression, comparative simplicity and accessibility of technology, opportunity to use widely local raw materials and anthropogenic wastes utilization in its production, low energy intensity, ecological safety and operational reliability. Undoubtedly it is the reason why concrete will remain the main building material in the foreseeable future.


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Housing construction

Housing construction

Housing construction as activities for providing people with normal living conditions, plays an important role in economy of separately taken region and country in general. The construction industry is one of the few branches of a national economy having strong multiplicative effect. By estimates of the Ministry, the greatest volumes of construction of housing in the next two years will be observed in the Central and Volga federal districts.

The main objective of the state housing policy is creation of necessary conditions for effective realization of opportunities of citizens on improvement of the living conditions. Housing construction in Russia gains steam thanks to growth of welfare of citizens, and also increase in opportunities of receiving the credit or mortgage for acquisition or construction of housing. Assumes a serious scale as the complex housing construction providing to citizens with apartments from elite to economy class, and individual low construction.

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Happiness in a new home.

If you want to live in harmony with nature, where in the summer – green grass, and in winter the glittering white snow, where in the morning the birds chirping and rustling the leaves on the trees, where you can feel the master “family nest” – build a house.

in a new home

And yet – what is it, the perfect home? Original Russian has always been considered the felling of logs of pine, cedar or spruce. On Ochakov plant serves the house of Russian timber, timber frame house, paneled “block-house” and Finnish wooden houses. Many domestic and European technology cannot compete with more than 100 years of tradition in the production and construction of wooden houses in Finland. The secret of the Finns in climates with long cold winters, which it turns out is the most durable wood, and in the technology of their production, including the selection and harvesting, drying, processing, treatment, adjustment, and many other operations. The process is designed to detail and ensures the highest quality.

wooden house

House of solid or glued laminated timber horizontal or vertical bonding, round solid logs, as well as rare laminated logs. The house, built of such materials are excellent natural circulation of air, environmentally friendly, virtually no shrinkage.

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Outdoor sun house.

House of the rising sun.
The Sunrise project draws attention to the unusual geometry of the roof.

House rising sun.

Design: Albert Haus

Optimally oriented to the cardinal directions, the whole house, including built-in winter garden, is a kind of “trap” for the sun. Thanks to the good insulation of exterior walls, the use of the house followed by a low consumption of primary energy sources. All this contributes to the creation of a favorable microclimate in the home.

The layout and decor of the house is also subject to a unified concept of energy saving: on the ground floor, large areas of glazing provide optimal lighting; attic floor-length Windows make the rooms are spacious, bright and cozy.

Bright appearance of the house and the color scheme in the classic style, covered with friendly character of this house, the open nature and the sun.

Total area – 163,0 m²

Plan 1 floor

Plan 1 floor of the house of the rising sun.

1st floor – 90,5 m² Hall – 12.5 m² Living – 27.5 m² Dining room – 13,5 m² Kitchen -12,0 m2 Hall. camera – 2,0 m2 Office – 9,0 m² Winter garden – 9,5 m² Bathroom – 4,5 m²

The plan of the 2nd floor

Plan 2 floor of the house of the rising sun.

2 floors – 72,5 m² Hallway – 16,0 m² Bedroom – 16,0 m² Children-16,0; 12,5m² Bathroom – 12,0 m²

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Tradition and progress in construction of wooden houses

construction of wooden houses

Design and construction: Cantree Log Home

The tradition of wooden house of round logs in the West of Canada originate from the time of the development of these territories. Now the company Cantree Log Note designs and builds the house, following the old traditions and at the same time using all the modern advancements and technologies.

Logs thickness of about 38 cm are selected and processed manually. All longitudinal and angular connections external walls are used, the seals, and as the insulation – wool. All this provides excellent protection of the house against wind and weather.

The presented project has a convenient layout, which provides full comfort to the residents of the house. On the first floor of the corner, there is a living room, dining room and kitchen. Between them there are no partitions, but there is a clear division into functional areas. Next to the kitchen is the space of the refrigerating chamber. There are children’s room and a large bathroom. In the attic is the parents ‘ bedroom, next to it a bathroom, there is also a STUDIO of 24 m².

Total area – m² 144, 0mm

a wooden house.

The area of the 1st floor – 94,0 m² Hall – 5,0; 5,0 m2 Living room – 27,0 m² Dining room – 29,0 m² Kitchen – 8,0 m²
Freezer – 7,0 m² Children – 1 3,0 m² Bathroom – 10,0 m2

a wooden house.

The area of the 2nd floor – 50.0 m² Hallway – 4.0 m² Bedroom – 17,0 m² Bathroom – 5.0 m² Studio – 24,0 m²

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Know – how in a wooden house.

Experience and know-how.

wooden house.

Design and construction: HirsiSet.

House-building company HirsiSet joined in the technology of its production old carpentry tradition and latest achievements, a kind of know-how and technological progress. This allows the planning of each new home to the smallest detail to consider any suggestions for future homeowners. Used building material – high-quality wood red pine Lapland – provides the necessary accuracy and high quality of constructed structures.

Submitted draft Boll, stylized farmhouse, built on modern technology. The project area of 190 square meters there was a place for a small private apartment with all necessary facilities intended for renting. In the attic there are three children and a bedroom and storage room and bathroom. All the rooms are well lit attic and living rooms have a balcony.

1 floor plan

1 floor plan of the house know-how

Plan 2 storey

Plan 2 storey wooden house with the know-how.

Total area – 190.0 m² 1st floor – 120.0 m² Hallway – 13.5; 4.5 m² Living room – 1 5.0; 20.0 m² Dining – 28.0 mg Bedroom – 9.0 m² Kitchen – 8.5; 6.0 m² Storage – 4.0 m² Cabinet – 9.0 m² shower-bathroom – 2,5 m²

2 floors – 70.0 m²  Bedroom – 12.0 m² Children – 12.0; 12.0; 12.0 m² Gallery – 10.0 m² Bathroom – 7.0 m²

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Wood and contemporary forms.

Wooden house


Design: Finla-Hous.


Wood as a building material offers a great variety of architectural solutions, which demonstrates the draft, having the characteristic features of modern architecture, and this applies not only to the external aesthetics. Such method provides, in addition, and rational use of solar energy.

kitchen in a wooden house.

kitchen in a wooden house.

Wide roof overhangs provide shade in the summer saving. This project can be carried out either of two-layer construction lumber or lumber thickness of 100 mm with an additional thermal insulation made of cellulose. Planning comfortable and modern: a lovely living room, a sauna, a rational distribution of utility rooms – on the ground floor; Air Gallery, open up to the ridge, bedroom, illuminated through the glazed gable – in the attic.


1 floor plan

Plan 1st floor of the wooden house.

Plan 2 floors

Plan 2 storey wooden house.

Total area – 155.5 m²
Area 1 floor – 90.0 sqm Hall – 7.0 m² living / dining area – 39.0 m² Kitchen – Bathroom 9.5 m² – 13.5 m² Sauna – 6.0 m2 Pantry – 9.5 m²; 5.5 m²
Area 2 floor – 65.5 sqm Bedroom – Wardrobe 13.5 m² – 11.0 m² Guest Room – 8.0 m² Gallery – 19.5 m² Bathroom – 13.5 m²

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Russian style in housing construction.

Return Russian style

Russian style

Author of the project: I. Construction Ekonomov “log house.”

The uniqueness of the project is the reconstruction of a real house in the style of Russian wooden architecture, using its inherent architectural volumes and proportions, as well as using ancient techniques cuttings.

House in the Russian style

A harmonious blend of tradition and modernity in this compact and comfortable house allows for expression of the architectural image, and at the same time – strength, durability design, which is based – unsurpassed in its merits Russian log house.

Ground floor plan.

Russian First floor

Total area – 63.0 m²

Area 1 floor – 57.0 sqm Living Hall – 12.0 sqm kitchen-dining room – 12.0 m²
Block saunas – 12.0 m² Terrace – 18.0; 3.0 m²

Second floor plan
Area 2 floors – 6.0 m 2 Bedroom / Lounge – 6.0 m²

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Elegant house

Modest and elegant

Elegant wooden house

Design and construction: Honka

The dream of a luxurious in every way home today may well be embodied in the form of the structure of round logs. Modern architecture allows us to give a charm even the most massive home, which confirms, for example, the draft Hans Stemple. Triangular skylights enliven his big roof, and light color exterior trim and large windows give the house a delicate bindings ease.

“Flavor” and the center of the house is a gallery in the attic, which leads from the living room a wide staircase. In the attic is very light due to the large area of glazing and a wide triangular gable attic windows. On the first floor are located two tiers of windows living room with adjoining kitchen, two children’s rooms, pantry, bathroom and guest toilet. Master bedroom – in the attic, there is an excellent fitness area with sauna and bath.

Utility room and two-car garage has attached to the house, which allowed to do without equipment basement ..

1 floor plan

The plan of the first floor

Plan 2 floors

The plan of the elegant home.

Total area – 189.0 m²

Area 1 floor – 11 m² Hall 5.0 – 3.5; 9.0 m²; Living room – 34.0 m² Children – 16.0; 16.0 m² Kitchen – Bathroom 16.0 m² – 9.0 m² Storage – 8.5 square meters bathroom – 3.0 mg

Area 2 floor – 74.0 sqm Bedroom – 31.0 m² Gallery – 28.0 m² Bathroom – 15.0 m²

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House in the Baroque style

Mining in the Baroque heart of the Carpathians
At the foot of the Tatra place located in Zakopane, famous for its unique architectural heritage. There are numerous buildings in the form of traditional folk motifs which are connected with elements of European styles. A striking example of this is an unusual house built in the early XX century. During his long life he had fallen into disrepair, but has not lost its mystery and magical appeal. French decorator Patrice Nurissa revive an old house, sought to recreate the lost, seemingly forever, past, he succeeded brilliantly.

Baroque style

The village of Zakopane, hidden among the mountain pastures and forests at the end of XIX – early XX century was a kind of Mecca for poets, composers, performers and artists. They drew inspiration from the fabulous, enchanting beauty of mountain scenery. Some have even decided to stay here. Among them was Stanislaw Witkiewicz, whose name is linked to the so-called Zakopane style that emerged first in architecture, and then became widespread in other art forms.

Patrice Nuriss

Stanislaw Witkiewicz known as an architect, author of plays, artist and photographer. He was a very talented man, a strange and rather closed, and on the end of his life became very reclusive because of mental illness. In Zakopane Witkiewicz lived until his death. This mountainous terrain attracted him not only for its enchanting beauty, but also by numerous legends, ancient legends and mysteries shrouding it from time immemorial.

The window of the rising sun.

In 1904, on one of the hills of Zakopane Witkiewicz build your dream home and named it after himself. This building is most clearly manifested in Zakopane style, created by the artist. And in appearance, and in the interiors of buildings traditional decorative elements combined with signs of new trends in the European architecture turn of the century. After the death of Witkiewicz house was empty for a long time. Then settled here a family of artists. However, the new inhabitants of the ancient dwellings worried anxious spirit of the place.

роспись по дереву

Mysterious spirit of this house excites the imagination and recalls those distant times when on earth lived more talking animals, gnomes, elves and magic

Mystical interior

Zakopane – the only Polish city at the foot of the Tatra Mountains. Half a century ago, here began arriving artists, musicians, scientists and artists. For many, these places have become a source of inspiration

unusual interior wooden house.

Already today, the Polish entrepreneur Anya Starak, a great lover of art, I saw this old house in Zakopane style, enchanted by the beauty of the former home Witkiewicz, fell in love with him. She decided to buy the building and turn it into his winter residence. Anya wanted to keep the elegance and nobility of the old building and at the same time make the house comfortable, meets all the requirements of civilized life. To solve this challenge was invited French decorator Patrice Nurissa.

Fireplace and mirror.

Stanislaw Witkiewicz known as an architect, author of plays, artist and photographer. He was the founder of the so-called Zakopane style.

varnished wood.

Most interior items made by local craftsmen. Designers have tried to keep the folk motives inherent in Zakopane style.

antique wooden furniture

Mysterious and somewhat gloomy atmosphere, a mysterious spirit hovering in the room, the smell of the Carpathian spruce from which the house is built, conquered Nurissa, and he wanted to recreate the original appearance of the building. Because for centuries the interior has changed, started looking for a decorator missing decorative elements typical of the buildings in the region. He managed to find artists who have made of trimmed straw bundles for caulking cracks, which are a traditional attribute of many wooden houses in Zakopane. Local craftsmen produced reliefs and medallions with the image of the deer; local craftswomen embroidered curtains of light woolen cloth. Sculpture bears, supporting the shelf above the fireplace, were carved out of wood on sketches Patrice Nurissa. Furniture, paintings, wall lights purchased from antique shops in France, Italy and Poland.

Fireplace with bears.

In the interior decorator has paid special attention to the color scheme. In order to get the color of wet sand, gives the room a touch of antiquity, from the walls and floor varnish removed.

Bast  decor.

Removed linoleum, closes the wooden floor, and the last part of the boards that went to the walls, in some places replaced with slabs of natural stone treated with “antique”. Space of the house has been extended due to wider doorways on the first floor. Do not forget Patrice Nurissa and comfort: The house is equipped with all the achievements of civilization, which cleverly hidden under the cover of the old decor.

wooden bench

And in appearance, and in the interiors of buildings traditional decorative elements combined with signs of new trends in the European architecture turn of the century

In the bedroom, as well as throughout the house, the interior is simple and restrained: the walls are covered with rough planks on the floor – homespun rugs, at the head of wooden beds – an owl and a rooster, symbolizing the day and night

Rustic Baroque

Former home of Witkiewicz charms beauty and nobility. Vintage cupboard, chandelier, wooden chairs on elegant carved legs – all these things keep the scars of time.

Massive bed as from the Middle Ages.

in Baroque style.

Over a century of this house in its appearance and in the interior of several variables. However, the mystery shrouding this structure remained unchanged. As a result of long and laborious work of talented French decorator managed to revive a fabulous, mysterious atmosphere of noble antiquity, existed here during Stanislaw Witkiewicz. Today, as many years ago, in the decoration of the house blend harmoniously elegance and simplicity.

Painting  interior.

Photo: East News / Inside / Joel Laiter

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Stylish house.

The project is a country house on Rublevsky highway was created for business and purposeful man, leading an active lifestyle. This is a small wooden house to chat with friends and business negotiations in an informal atmosphere. The builders and architects had to do from a bar is not the house, and a modern stylish accommodation. In the context of the natural countryside environment was necessary to build an island city ideas of comfort.


Stylish house.

For the project to use domestic raw materials produced in St. Petersburg – the array timber pine. It is known that the wooden house – a warm house. Thanks to an excellent building material characteristics, as well as through the use of insulation and energy saving technologies achieves efficient insulation and wind protection at home. The use of timber-framed system and support-square log construction with load-bearing frame allowed for hidden utilities and varied types of interior design. Such a device does not allow the walls to traditional lumber shrinkage for a long time, so the design is perfectly compatible with the facing materials such as drywall, Block Houses, ceramic tile.

Light facade
Light facade of a wooden house.

This project uses only natural materials, textures and colors. This was decisive for the architectural style of the wooden house of the XXI century, connecting the warmth of wood and tech comfort, eco-friendliness and versatility.

Stone fireplace

Natural wood is not only environmentally friendly, it makes the house a cozy feeling of warmth and radiant joy. Facade animates pine amber as textured interior finishes used Block Houses (walls), flooring (floor) and decorative wood paneling (walls of the attic). Consistent with environmentally friendly even cactus painted straw, not to mention the mantel natural wild stone. Fireplace, which is the center, the core of the space of the first floor, one-piece resembles a massive piece of rock. This kind of domesticated version of a rustic oven, which in ancient times, fed, heated and brings people together. Fireplace impressive, credible, he as the axis of the world, which takes place around the theatrical action – friendly parties, quiet family evenings, New Year and communication with business partners.

stylish home.

This space can be easily transformed to arrange a dinner party, a fun party or sit quietly with his family near the fireplace

On the second floor

A sense of purity and transparency is achieved spatial resolutions: designed two-storey large living-dining room; combined into a single zone living room, dining room and kitchen. Freedom of flowing space, the interaction of horizontal and vertical lines give rise to an impression of volume, airiness. Large glazed surfaces will provide sunlight, sun terrace interacts harmoniously with nature. The interior is no extra draperies. Certain parts of the structure are left in the open space of the dining room, they finished with plasterboard. Window curtains are not burdened and curtains.

stilnyshy house

Stylish and elegant space of the first level and adjusts the attic a little funny decision bathroom – “checkered”

stylish home

The house has a lot of white surfaces – is plastered walls, finished with drywall construction, painted on the attic floor ramps, covered with boards. White symbolizes purity. He is the backdrop for the interior parts, emphasizes textural rhythms and colors in the game space. The color scheme of the objective world in harmony with the environmentally friendly style – a natural shades of wood, natural colors (sand, beige, green).

Bedroom in a house.

The furniture was chosen in terms of harmony and measure. Exquisite classic Italian furniture so it is appropriate in this modern and elegant interior, as well as simple, concise products company IKEA. Little fights with a purity of style extravagant bathroom, but its black and white “checkerboard” element (finish – ceramic tile) and lax configuration is not contrary to the common artistic image.

the roof of a stylish home.

In computer graphics, There is the concept of “pure design”. Elegance of design lines, jewelry decorative work, artistic integrity of the project allows to speak about pure style. Image of a modern country cottage of timber – a harmonious, tech, live and contemporary architecture.


A.Ilicheva, photo V. Nekrasov

1 floor plan

1 floor

Plan 2 floors

  2 floor

Total area – 180.2 m² 1st floor – 11 m² 5.1 United Space – 63.0 m² Guest bedroom – 29.1 m² Hall – 7.8 m² Tambour – 4.3 square meters bathroom – 4,3 m² Boiler – 3.2 m² Storage – 3.4 m²
Area 2 floors – 65.1 m² Bedroom-22.5; 13.2 m² bathroom – 11.3; Hall 7.5 m² – 4.8 m² Balcony – 5.8 m²

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For a wooden house

wooden house.

During the construction and operation of the interior of a wooden house should be noted that wood harmonizes with such interior and construction materials such as:

- Ceramic tiles;
- Porcelain tiles (ceramic-granite)
- Natural stone
- All types of mosaic;
- Forged products;
- Agglomerated marble countertops.

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House for a large family.

House for a family.

Design and construction: Honka.


Large-area home for generations extended family. It has a separate apartment, which comfortably accommodate adult children or elderly parents.

In every part of the house’s own kitchen, bathroom, WC; on the second floor there are four spacious bedrooms.

1 floor plan

1 floor

Plan 2 floors

2 floor

Total area – 284.0 m²

1 floor area – 142.0 m² Tambour – 10.8 m² Hall – 22.0 mg living-dining room – 29.7: 48.9 m² Kitchen – 9.4: 10.9 m² Cabinet – 10.8 square meters bathroom – 3.0; 3.5 m²

Area 2 floors – 142.0 m² Hall – 18.6; 55.6 m² Bedroom – 12.9; 12.9; 12.9; 10.9 m² Bathroom – Shower 12.9 m² – 5.3 m²

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House in rustic style.

rustic style

Design and construction: Sonnletner

The desire to create an individual look of wooden houses has led architects to search for the original plastic expression.

house in a rustic style.

Village character, common to almost all wooden buildings of rural type, in this case emphasize the combination of different methods of construction and the combination of finishing materials. The entire second floor, as well as elongated side gable with a bay window facing the garden – made from a solid bar of solid wood. The left side of the first floor and interior partitions represent a frame structure based on wooden frames.

Interior of the village house.

The project clearly demonstrates the tendency of modern development of the “new wooden architecture”: high attic floor, sloping roof with wide overhangs, windows with shutters, large areas of glazing (gable, terraces).

rustic kitchen

The house is designed for a family of four.

rustic kitchen

For interior decoration is characterized by a combination of all design elements to their purpose. Visible beams, wooden furniture, doors and stairs retain the atmosphere of a simple peasant house. Due to the natural color of natural wood ceiling room seem cozier.

bright bathroom.

kitchen and living room

Kitchen, utility room and freezer to form a single unit. In the center of the living room-dining room with original compositions for stove with a traditional stove bench. The attic floor is compact enough and functional. Children’s bedrooms have good proportions, allowing except berth arrange a place for training. Special comfort for children creates a spacious balcony, weatherproof wide eaves. The master bedroom is equipped with wardrobe niche.

Plan 1 floor of a modern country house.

1 floor plan

modern country house

Plan 2 floors

Total area – 150.0 m² 1st floor – 79.0 sqm Hall – 7.0 m² Kitchen – 10.0 m² Robes – 7.5 m² refrigerating chamber – 2.5 m² Living room – Dining room 32.0 m² – 18 0 m²

Bathroom – 2,0 m² 2 floors – 71.0 m² Gallery – 11.5 m² Children – 11.0 m²; 11.0 m² Bedroom – Dressing 20.0 m² – 7.5 m² Bathroom – 10.0 m²

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Small castle in the woods

castle in the woods.

Design: Nurmi

Very unusual project «Ekhamar». First of all, he refutes the notion that the shield house should be simple and rough. Glazed gable, exquisite colors and different shapes of windows give the project like a small castle.

The house is situated on a hillside, and this allowed efficient use of its ground floor. Here are the master bedroom, one of the children’s rooms (second child – on the top floor) and a seating lounge, is a favorite place in the house where the whole family on a daily basis. Actually lounge located on the floor above; huge windows make it a fairly large area still oolee room light and airy.

Making your daily path, the sun illuminates the whole house: from the balcony adjacent to the living room to the terrace where there is access from the kitchen. Good thermal insulation of external walls of the house provides low energy consumption.

1 floor plan

floor plan

Plan 2 floors

Plan  floors

Total area – 180.0 m² 1st floor – 97.0 sqm Hallway – 14.5 m² Dining Hall – 28.0 m² Bedroom – 18.0 m² Robes – 16.0 m² Children – 9.5 m² Bathroom – 8 0 m² bathroom – 3.0 m² 2nd floor – 83.0 sqm Hall – 9.0 m² Living room – 31.0 m2 Kitchen-21.5 m² Children – 13.0 m² WC-shower – 4.0 m² Pantry – 4.5 m²

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Completely wooden house.

Recipe from time immemorial.
The house, built entirely of wood, as in fact it has been for centuries, and today attracts attention, despite the abundance of technical capacity and a wide range of modern construction technology, and looks very attractive.

wooden house

Design and construction: Fullwood

Presented project «Saaletraum» firm Fullwood (Germany), made of durable glued beam thickness of 20 cm. The natural building material dominates here, not only in appearance: the whole interior is also made of wood. (The project basically involves any other options for interior.) The house was built in the framework of self-construction firms from produced her toolkit.

The project «Saaletraum» has a relatively small area. First floor slightly increased due to the uninhabited, utility room and garage. This made it possible to equip near the entrance to a spacious hall (15.0 m2) located next to the bathroom for guests. The remainder of the first floor is occupied by a large living room – dining room and adjoining kitchen. From the living room opens onto a covered terrace with carved railings.

wooden house

Great clear coat wooden wall background for any furniture-from the simplest to the exquisitely stylish

Wooden staircase

Open gallery in the attic emphasizes the feeling of spaciousness entrance area. There’s also a bedroom area of 18.0 m² with a separate dressing room (10.0 m²) and a guest room. Both of these rooms have access to a wide loggia. Plenty of space in the attic reserved for the bathroom, sauna and shower. Here is a very nice sitting area in this cozy house. The project with a total area of about 140.0 square meters in total provides complete comfort for a family of three. Economic dependance quite roomy, and it avoids the basement.

large windows

Large wooden clock

1 floor plan

Plan 1st floor of the wooden house.

Plan 2 floors

Plan 2 storey wooden house.

Total area – 137.0 m²: Area 1 floor – 75.0 m²: Entrance hall – 6.5 m²: Hall – 15.0 m²: Living-dining room – 42.5 m ²: Kitchen – 10.0 m² :: Bathroom – 1.0 m²: Area 2 floors – 62.0 m²: Bedroom – Wardrobe 18.0 m² – 10.0 m² Guest Room – 9.0 m²: Gallery – 7.0 square meters bathroom – 9.0 m²: shower – 5.0 m² Sauna – 4.0 m²

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Wooden house on an uneven surface.

Wooden house

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Massive porch of the big logs.

porch of the big logs.

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Carved crocodile as an element of decor.

Carved crocodile as an element of decor.

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A wooden staircase in a wooden house.

A wooden staircase in a wooden house.

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Inside the log houses.

Inside the houses

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Log house on a low base.

Log house

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Roof lining in a wooden house.

Roof lining in a wooden house

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Around just nature.

just nature


Design and construction: Skandima


Built on an individual project, this wooden house meets all the requirements of ecological construction. Lumber walls perfectly regulate humidity in the room. This creates prerequisites for the formation of a healthy microclimate in the house, which is especially important for people suffering from allergies and respiratory diseases. All wooden house construction made of well dried and specially treated material. From the outside wood impregnated compositions for many years allows to keep its structure and protect it from exposure to ultraviolet radiation, humidity and wind.

Create a favorable climate also contributes to solid green roofs. Green roof prevents overheating of rooms in the house in summer and winter is an additional thermal insulator. Porous substrate, which is a kind of soil, capable of storing rain water, so this “lawn” does not need watering.

Total area – 203.0 m²

house in the woods

Area 1 floor of a house in the woods

1 floor area – 123.0 m² Hall – 8.0 m² living / dining area – 50.5 m² Kitchen – 11.0 m² Storage – 8.0 m² Office – 13.5 mg Children – 27.0 square meters bathroom – 3 0 m²

house in the woods

Area 2 floors of a house in the woods

Area 2 floor – 80.0 sqm Studio – 35.0 m² Bedroom – Wardrobe 14.0 m² – 19.0 m² Bathroom – 12.0 m²

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House for ages

Treasure for the ages.
Good looking and very comfortable house, built by the firm Lindal, allowed the family to carry out long-held dream – to live in a wooden house, where the stuff would have found a comfortable refuge cherished by many generations of families of different vintage items, without disturbing your neighborhood quite modern furniture and household appliances.


Design and construction: Lindal

Unifying the interior was proposed by the specialists of the company finish of walls and ceilings in all areas of outstanding beauty, canadian red cedar. In the environment look great and the collection of family Antiques and the latest kitchen equipment, old lamps and halogen lamps. In addition to the family relics himself a magnificent house has become a real treasure that will serve many generations of future owners.

As the real treasure, the house allows you to enjoy the outside, and the expressiveness of its architecture, multiplied by the expressiveness of the material from which it is created, will not leave anyone indifferent. But only the owners and their guests it is known that inside the house is as beautiful, and the interior is organized in the best way. And it continues and complements the dignity of this house Lindal.

On the ground floor, in addition to the traditional living room, fireplace and dining area, a master bedroom, which is a separate apartment with its own bath and walk-in dressing rooms and on the second floor – one bedroom, library, Studio and office.

Fireplace: a rich texture of this wood in the interior is well complemented embossed finish solemnly front of the massive fireplace
Fireplace: a rich texture of this wood in the interior is well complemented embossed finish solemnly front of the massive fireplace

Kitchen: flooring hardwood species, mahogany furniture, with cedar ceilings and Windows to ridge create a unique comfort
Kitchen: flooring hardwood species, mahogany furniture, with cedar ceilings and Windows to ridge create a unique comfort

Total area – 239,8 m2 1st floor – 171,4 m2 Living room with 15.4 m2 Fireplace – 27.2 m2 Dining room – 19,2 m2 Kitchen – 17,6 m2 Bedroom – 41,6 m2 2 floors – 68,4 m2 Bedroom of 11.4 m2 Studio – 14,4 m2 Library – 12,0 m2 Office – 13,2 m2

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Yellow wooden house.

The island of warmth and tranquility.

wooden house

Following the ancient traditions and building on the achievements of modern technology, about 20 years ago, the company’s specialists Lapponia House (Finland) has set itself the task to create a design that would prevent shrinkage and distortions walls, and cracks in the wood, but keeping all advantages of a wooden house.

oom wooden house.
In the dining room wooden house.

The solution was found in the development of houses with insulated log cabin design. Thus, the house Lapponia House, which are based on Finnish and Scandinavian style that best embody two aspects of low-rise construction: architecture and comfort of a traditional log home, as well as the design and comfort of modern living. Such a house can last for tens of years, giving comfort, warmth and tranquility.

the first floor
The plan of the first floor.

second floor.
The plan of the second floor.  

Total area – 225,0 m2 1st floor – 115,0 m2 Hall – 14,3 m2, Kitchen with dining area-of 23.6 m2 Living room, while 26.1 m2 Bedroom – 16,8 m2 Bathroom – 6,8 m2 Laundry – 4,6 m2 terrace – 7,5 m2 2 floors – 110,5 m2 Bedroom and 19.4; 18,3; 16,2 manna – 14,4 m2 Hall – 5,6 m2 Balcony – 7,5 m2

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Russian manor

Your estate
Surrounded by olive trees, the house (company Honka) built in the best traditions of this Russian country estate, uniting in a single architectural whole lot of buildings for various purposes.


In this case, all these buildings of different heights under different roofs also like together in a massive three-storey building.
A wide staircase decorated with carved wooden lattices, will lead you to the massive doors. And behind this door, huge rooms, located on three floors.

manor in winter
Russian manor in winter

floor plan
Ground floor plan

floor plan
First floor plan

of the attic
The plan of the attic

Total floor area – m2 501,0
The area of the 1st floor – m2 242,0
Living – 62,0 m2
Kitchen – 35,0 m2
Dining room – 28,0 m2
Hall-45,0 m2
Tambour – 10,0 m2
Bedroom – 30,0; 25,0 m2
EN – 7,0 m2
The area of the 2nd floor – 174,0 m2
Bedroom – 25,0; 23,0; 25,0; 1 5,0 m2
Living – 48,0 m2
EN-21,0; 7,0 m2
Hall – 10,0 m2
Attic area – 85,0 m2
Hall – 35,0 m2
Bedroom – 23,0; 20,0 m2
EN – 7,0 m2

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The house on the slope.

Considerable elevation on the site, intended for building a house, at first grieved his future owners, but the architects have dispelled their concerns; having vast experience in the design, they knew themselves, and managed to convince customers that these professionals are quite capable disadvantages to draw in dignity.

In the end, thanks to the creative approach of the authors, their full understanding with the customers, there appeared an unusual wooden house, and it came out really modern, emphasizing their individuality. The concept of project – asymmetry, but not chaotic: the location and shape of each part is strictly due to the function and aesthetics.

The house

Inside the house
Inside the house on the slope.

With two facades, Bay Windows are arranged in the form of polariton, and with third – balcony-gallery slim support columns.
The Bay Windows are placed living room, spacious match throughout the house. In addition, a single residential space on the ground floor are the kitchen and dining areas and more isolated – two bedrooms. Another bedroom is located on the second floor there is a spacious hall that serves as a great place to relax.

The elevation is only promoted as competently carried out the organization of the internal space of the house, and a good landscape design around it: in visual range of the manor harmoniously blended retaining wall of stone, the upper ledges which was decorated with ornamental plants, elegant lamps and cable fence.

Plan 1 floor

The plan
The plan of the 2nd floor

Общая площадь — 344,0 м² Площадь 1 этажа — 259,0 м² Холл — 15,8 м² Кухня — 13,6 м² Столовая — 28,6 м² Гостиная — 32,8; 26,7 м² Санузел — 2,0 м² Спальни — 18,8; 10,9 м² Ванная — 5,1 мг Сауна — 4,0 м² Раздевалка — 3,0 м² Прачечная — 7,7 м² Кладовая — 1,8 м² Террасы — 6,2; 45,0; 37,0 м² Площадь 2 этажа — 85,0 м² Холл-61,0 м² Спальня —22,0 м² Санузел — 2,0 м²

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Home from bars

from bars

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Home for a young family

Home for family

House-building company Honka has developed a series of small and inexpensive beam houses, designed especially for young families. When this future homeowners can individually choose their layout.

The presented project is one of a series of houses for young families – constructed from bars. It is stylized as a rural house, but at the same time, due to various design elements, does not look bulky.

Half of the first floor is occupied with a separate exit to the garden, a living room, which adjoins the kitchen with a separate area for the refrigerating chamber. Here are the Cabinet and quite roomy (10.5 m²) pantry.

The second floor has traditionally been sleeping area. In the attic there are parents ‘ bedroom with separate dressing area and two children, and a large bathroom.

Plan floor

Plan 1 floor

The plan floor
The plan of the 2nd floor

Total area – 130,0 m2 1st floor – 80,0 m2 Hall – 2.5 m2 Living – 42,0 m2 Kitchen – 10,5 m2 Hall. camera – 4.0 m2 Storeroom is situated 10.5 mg Bureau of 10.5 m2 Bathroom – 1,0 m2 2 floors – 50.0 m2 entrance Hall – 8.5 m2 Bedroom – 9,0 m2 Closet – 5,5 m2 Children – 9,0; 9,0 m2 Bathroom – 9,0 m2

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The house – boat.

Home”ship” with ocean views – what could be more romantic?.. This image appeared in the discussion of the project architect and the client, and immediately found the approval of both. House of red cedar and really similar to the glittering lights of the ocean liner.

House like a ship

Design and construction: Lindal

Special patented design Lindal homes allowed the project to achieve his dream and build a house, in which the huge Windows from floor to ceiling would allow, at any time, day, and year to admire the magnificence of nature – ocean of space and the pine-covered coastal plain. Especially beautiful panoramic views, huge master bedroom on the second floor.


In the building plan also discern the outlines of the ship: the corner-”stem” form bedroom wall. On the ground floor is very spacious living room with fireplace and pool table. Both levels are connected centrally located staircase.

In addition to these premises, on the ground floor has a small living room, a kitchen, Laundry room, bathroom; on the second floor – two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Loggias, balconies, terraces more diversified dynamic and expressive facades of the original house.

A large area of the glass surface does not affect the comfort and warmth in the house due to the unique teplosberezheniya technology, which are manufactured homes Lindal. Although the construction was completed a few years ago, the owners with admiration note that the house is still filled with a delightful fresh scent canadian red cedar.

Huge pool table

Huge pool table in the large living room-fireplace as stresses how spacious it

 has a continuous glazing, open panoramic views.

One of the walls of the master bedroom has a continuous glazing, opening panoramic view

The facade

The facade of the house-boat.

Total area – m2 248,9

Plan 1 floor

The area of the 1st floor – m2 146,7
Kitchen – 16.5 m2
Terrace – 24,0; 22,0 m2
Living – 50,7 m2
Small living room – 37,7 m2

The plan of the 2nd floor
2nd floor

Square 2 floor – to 102.2 m2
The bedroom is 27.3; 17,5; 17.5 m2

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House with soul

The country house has really become a favorite place of residence of their owners, in which they spend much more time than in their city apartment.

A house for the soul.

The original situation was as follows. Customers are energetic, modern people, one day realized that they just need a holiday home for the soul”, that is designed exclusively for meeting with friends from the noisy feasts to quiet evenings by candlelight.

inside the house
Log corners inside the house.

And to any front living rooms, strong rooms or elegant boudoir. No, everything in this house was supposed to gladden the eyes of its rough-and-authenticity, isolation from business life, from boring unnecessary benefits of urban civilization.

 The fireplace.
The fireplace brick.

On the ground floor there is a large and bright living room with fireplace, kitchen-dining room with a tiled stove, a spacious entrance hall, lounge and bathroom. The open staircase in the hallway, we get to the second floor. There are two bedrooms and a spacious common room-lobby space which in the future can be split into 2-3 separate room. Characteristically, the house turned out to be both spacious and compact, with a clearly defined center living room.

Wooden room.
Wooden living room.

Interesting and external appearance of the building. A significant rise of the roof, protruding crowns of logs, complex roof, a simple form of Windows; all of this together creates the impression of tradition, simplicity, romance and at the same time emphasizes functionality in its modern sense.

 Wooden Cabinet
Wooden Cabinet under the pitched roof.

Excluding items of interior decoration, which appeared somewhat later, the house was built fairly quickly, in just three months. The style of the interior has been thoroughly and slowly.
Before the end of the main building was built a free-standing bath. At the site grow trees and ornamental, and fruit. In General, where there is a good time: or to relax, or to sit quietly and slowly to think about something.

 All made from the  wood species.
All made from the same wood species.

E. Ustinova, photo A. Shevchenko

Plan 1 floor

The plan of the 1st floor of a house with a soul.

Total area – 195,2 m2 1st floor – 111,6 m2 Living room – 25,5 m2 Dining room – 19.5 m2 Kitchen – 9.3 m2 Hall – 9,0 m2 Corridor – 4,6 mg Bathroom – 4,2 m2 Boiler room – 4.0 m2 Vestibule – 2,8 m2 terrace – 16,0 m2

The plan of the 2nd floor

Plan 2 floor house with a soul.

Square 2 floor of 83.6 m2 Common room – 32,5 m2 Bedroom-25,5; 16,2 m2 Hall – 9,0 m2 Balcony – 6.0 m2

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Well-lit log house.

log house

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Uspensky Cathedral Smolensk

The Cathedral of the Dormition (Uspensky Cathedral) is a Cathedral of the Smolensk diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church. Located in the Central part of the city of Smolensk on the Cathedral hill. Erected in memory of the heroic defense of Smolensk 1609-1611 years in place of the same Cathedral of the XII century.
The Smolensk wall

The Smolensk fortress wall (sometimes using the wrong name Smolensk Kremlin) – defense facility, built in 1595-1602 years during the reign of Tsar Fedor Ivanovich and Boris Godunov. The monument. Architect Fyodor Kon. The length of the walls – 6.5 km (survived less than half of the walls and towers). Had a great military importance in the Russian state.

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Solar architecture

Thanks to the large Windows with thin covers in the house is always full of light. Natural finish wooden panelling creates an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. Against this background look good richer tone furniture

Solar architecture of wooden houses.
Solar architecture of wooden houses

Design and construction:Skcan-Domo

The basis of the architectural composition of this house is a dynamic figure of the roof and the asymmetry in the plan. Thanks rich plastic building perfectly blends with the surrounding landscape.

Bright interior
Bright interior provides large windows.

In the facades combined tones of natural wood, terracotta color tile and green decorative elements. Encircling the perimeter of the wide roof overhang allow to organize the house near the roof over the machine and protected from the wind covered entrance terrace 6 m2, on which to spend the time in any weather.

The living room-dining room.
The living room-dining room.

The unusual architecture of the house is reflected in internal planning. For transparent doors with thin covers visible living room, radiant rustic cosiness and hospitality. The play of light and colors is provided here with large areas of glazing doors and Windows and wooden walls and ceiling. The living room opens to the corner of the terrace, which, in turn, you can go down to the garden.

Living room and dining room form a single space and occupy the main part of the first floor. The kitchen area is increased due to a Bay window. In the attic in the Bay hosted a spacious bathroom.

The living room-dining room. The unusual location of the walls creates in the room cozy corners

Bathroom interior.

Bathroom interior solved in three colors: natural tone of the ceiling, walls, floor, furniture – white, shades of green – house plants.

The interior of the kitchen
The interior of the kitchen.

Successfully found the combination of the wooden walls and ceiling with shade floor tiles, set of kitchen furniture.

The floor plan
The floor plan of the house.

Total area – 156,0 m2 1 floor of 73.5 m2 Hallway – 4,5 m2 Living room-dining room – 44,0 m2 Cabinet – 8.5 m2 Kitchen – 11.0 m2 Pantry – 3,0 m2 Bathroom – 2,5 m2 2 floor of 82.5 m2 Bedroom – 10,0 m2 Dressing room – 6.0 m2 Children to 12.0; 13,0 m2 Studio – 16.5 m2 Bathroom – 12,0 m2 Sauna – 4.0 m2

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European wooden house

“Dutch portrait” Russian house.
What creative accomplishments inspires our reality foreign architects – many find to be interesting and relevant. House, created by Dutch architect and his Russian counterpart, is interesting because being performed by the ancient Russian tradition of wood and in the midst of this ancient forest, he at the same time clearly represents something European: visual quality, elegance and some special sense of freedom space.

wooden house
A large stone fireplace.

The authors of the project: architects of Agricultural Verschuren, Century Krikunov

This house is an excellent example of the combination of simplicity and harmony. In its architectural concept fully into account the fact that it is located in the forest that embraces, on the background of slender pines, the house looks genuinely magnificent, as nature itself. The spectacular façade gives an idea about the space. But, despite its impressive size, the house does not seem heavy: many glass surfaces give it the appearance of lightness and generally make the very modern.

Light  house.
Light wooden house

To get into the house in two ways: either through the main entrance, facing the driveway to the house, either through linking its impressive size terrace directly into the living room. Inside the house is spacious, all rooms are located on two levels, and center natural is a magnificent double-height living room, which overlooks the forest with its large Windows. In addition, a spacious living room with an open fireplace is a perspective inside the house on one side and a protrusion in the form of a two-storey Bay Windows with the opposite. Living room is connected in a common space with kitchen. On the second floor is well placed bedrooms and a well-lit room with exit to the balcony.

Light interior
Light wood interior.

During construction, special attention was paid to the selection of finishing materials and quality of work on finishing the interior walls of the building. The appearance of the kitchen looks particularly elegant through the four Windows located visavis and direct the flow of light towards each other, which creates an impressive effect. And for more comfort and convenience in the kitchen, bathrooms and hallway was equipped with a heated floor.

The combination of decorative stone that decorated
The combination of decorative stone that decorated the Foundation blends well with the wood siding of the house.

The main element to enrich the appearance and interior of the home, as well as architectural means of forming scale composition of facades and its metro-rhythmical articulation is the Bay window. The facade of the house, like rolling waves, stands out relief and lack boring straightness. Primarily this is achieved through the Bay window. The basic functionality of Bay – area enlargement and enrichment of the interior, improving lighting conditions and insolation areas. Bay window enhances the psychological comfort of home, extends the review and strengthen the relationship of the house with magnificent natural surroundings.

only the tree..
Nothing superfluous, only the tree.

The impression that this house has taken root, “has taken root in the environment, as if born to the surrounding picturesque forest. The combination of saturated color green with wooden walls and a very nice look; this contrast does not cause a dramatic emotions, but on the contrary, relaxes and adjusts for a comfortable stay, far from the bustle of the city. This is the area of Europe in the Russian woods.

Large bright loggia
Large bright loggia semi-oval shape.

E. Ustinova, photo A. Shevchenko

The plan of the attic
Plan 1 floor The plan of the attic

Total area – 369,2 m2 1st floor – 196,6 m2 Living room – 60,9 m2 Kitchen-dining room and 29.6 m2 Cabinet,3 m2 Spalnya,3 m2 Hall is 24.4 mg EN – 10,2 m2 Dressing room – 5,9 m2 Bathroom – 3,9 m2 Boiler room/Laundry room – 8,2 m2 Porch – 10,9 m2 attic – 172,6 m2 Hall – 27,4 m2 Bedroom 31,2; 22,3 m2 Billiard – 29.5 m2 Bathroom 10,2; 10,2 m2 Gallerybar – 38,2 m2

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Fabulous house.

Sketch "Fairy houses".
Sketch “Fairy houses”.

As led since the beginning…

This house is thin and tart smell of wood. Resin solar tear down planed logs, and with dark icons looks pervasive gaze of the light image of the virgin. Comfort, warmth of natural wood, crackling wood in the fireplace. And outside – spruce and pine…


house from a fairy tale.
Carved house from a fairy tale.

The author of the decoration – Century Rycarev the Author of the architectural project – H. Benoit

Wooden house
Wooden house – side view.

Artistic processing of wood – an exceptional phenomenon. The reason for this is the number of interacting factors: natural, economic, and spiritual. In the life of every people usually mastering that material that is otherwise in the environmental, nature. On the huge territory of Russia there are deciduous, coniferous and mixed forests, have universal qualities, this material allows you to make larger structures such as peasant houses or many-headed Church in Kizhi, and use – even its smallest pieces, roots and bark to create various household utensils, dishes, toys.
Many years of searching and experimenting masters of the past had a huge impact on the appearance of the current wooden house. Russian folk wooden architecture brought to our days of old traditions Decorative carvings on ancient; Russian buildings, preserved in the Russian North in Siberia always attracted attention of travelers, researchers, artists for its beauty, craftsmanship and imaginative expression.


In our days, tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, many are moving to live closer to nature. So the owner of this estate, located in one of picturesque places of Moscow suburbs, has realized his dream of a fabulous mansion. Wanted to have a comfortable, spacious and beautiful house, he ventured to refer not to the famous capital of the authors, and to master nugget of people.

The decoration has provided the architecture of the house special expressiveness, did facades ceremonial and folk.

wooden house in the forest.
Fabulous wooden house in the forest.

Vasily Rycarev has designed the interior of the house, has created a luxurious wooden decoration of the facades, which highlight the harmonious architecture of the building. Gently, in a delicate patterns of warm colors did not little house weightless air. Fantastic tower is nestled among fragrant firs and pine trees, dropping onto the terrace “ambulatories” branch – hands, gently caressing fancy curls balusters. Magic has autolok nature with hidden pearl in it – the work of human hands, evoke a romantic mood, a sense of peace and Ecumenical involvement eternal.

interior of the house.

The identity of the master, his imagination gave the usual, ordinary household items special Shine and elegance

The wooden porch of the house from a fairy tale.
The wooden porch of the house from a fairy tale.

Before the master in the development of the concept of wooden furniture stood first question: the choice of material.
The exact type of wood that would serve for the realization of such a broad concept. Preference was eventually given coniferous species because of the beautiful texture, durability and high resistance to a rather difficult weather conditions the suburbs.

In the development of the artistic concept was used the experience of the old craftsmen, centuries-old traditions of Russian folk architecture. The desire of our ancestors to decorate their homes, to be surrounded by beautiful utensils, ancient traditions, formed at the call of the inner nature of man, his genetic quest for beauty and harmony. How many centuries ago, the tracks have various patterns organically fit into the decorative structure of wind boards, crowned with pediments. Fascia boards have their original design, not drop down out of the artistic design. The joints of wind boards closed towels, top of the curls which are collected in steep, forming a solar symbol. Cornices, valances, window casings, balcony fences “arcade” and balconies, Gables and porch all full of fabulous patterns profile and flat relief carving, components unique ensemble festive “garments” of the house.
The skill, imagination, the ability to subdue the material and to overcome its resistance – in this master shows his native creative essence.

The area  1st floor.

The area of the 1st floor – 111.5 m2
Hall of 12.4 m2
Flattery, cell – 8,2 m2
Tambour – 2.1 m2
Entrance hall 5 1 m2
Living 58,0 m2
Table I – 14.2 m2
Kitchen – 8.3 m2
Bathroom 3,2 m2

The area of the floor.

The area of the 2nd floor to 52.4 m2
Hall – 10.7 m2
Stairwell 8.2 m
Bedrooms 24.9; 13.3, 13.3 m2
Bath – 4.1 m2
Dressing room 2.8 m2

E. Ustinova,
photo. A. Shevchenko

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The triumph of the tree.

Wooden house most people associate with the holidays, creates a feeling of relaxation and romance. However, some still tend to believe that in such houses, it is difficult to create comfort, conforming to modern requirements. All this in the past: today, wood built a comfortable home, living in which you myself not to infringe.

>house on the roof

 The facade  house.
The facade of the wooden house.

This project may convince many skeptics: a wooden house from a massive round of logs does not feel bulky and impressive, despite the fact that the diameter and length of logs are quite large. Built on the outskirts of town, in a wooded area, where a lot of old trees, it has an individual look, combined with the surrounding landscape and meet the needs of its future owners. They desire the house has a traditional Finnish sauna with heater. Originally made the design of the ceiling in the form of a “starry sky” in the bathroom, and living room lighting. The bathroom has a whirlpool. In addition, the house is equipped with Central dust collector. As seen in the photo, modern furniture gets along well with massive log walls and white tile. This contrast is even enlivens the atmosphere.

The house
The appearance of the house

The facade house.
The facade of the wooden house.

The slope on which the house is built, gave the possibility to equip a fairly spacious room with a separate entrance in the basement.

Wooden kitchen.

 in a wooden house.
Shower in a wooden house.

 Light beam
Light beam smotritjsa very effectively.

The combination of light sexual tiles
The combination of light sexual tiles, white plastered walls and beams.

the 1st floor
The plan of the 1st floor.

the 2nd floor
The plan of the 2nd floor.

TOTAL AREA – M2 250,0
The AREA of the 1ST FLOOR – 103,0 M2
HALLWAY – 14,0 M2
HALL 17,0 M2
LIVING – 26.5 M2
DINING room – 23,0 M2
KITCHEN – 11.0 M2
The AREA of the 2nd FLOOR – 87,0 M2
HALL-9,0 M2
BEDROOM – 1 5,0; 13,0; 13,0; 9,0 M2
EN – 12,0 M2

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The dream of wooden house

History about your project Alexey Vasiliev started from afar. Thoughts about wooden house, about the history and philosophy of building with timber, Russian and Finnish architectural traditions, smoothly flowing and clinging to each other, stop and find their confirmation in an individual building, a small two-story wooden house with an outdoor terrace.
wooden house

It all started with one book Finnish architects, presented by Alex Bashminov back in University days. So dropped into the seed of an idea to build a Finnish house. When the architect got a real chance to realize the dream, itself, a question arose: what is the Finnish house?In principle Finnish house has grown from a Russian izba, about the same as we all got out of “the Overcoat” by Gogol. But another thing – building culture. Old Russian house remained somewhere in the nineteenth century, and ended with the technical progress. Finland, in contrast to Russia just has a culture construction, he: was able to adapt the tree to modern requirements Finns have developed a special processing technology de Rewa, compositions and coatings, has created a huge number of projects of wooden houses. Of course, to repeat what do the Finns, copy, re to bear on Russian soil Finnish house for the architect seemed ridiculous and unworthy. The idea will connect the Finnish and Russian, Nordic character of the North and cheerful DISPOSITION MIDDLE BAND.

original combination of wood and glass.
The original combination of wood and glass.
 The kitchen
The kitchen goes to the hotel.
Outdoor wooden deck is a tribute to the Finnish tradition: even in winter, the Finns like to drink on the terrace, hot chocolate, being warmed by infrared lamps. In General, the openness characteristic of Finnish architecture, so the house is a lot of glazing in the living room is designed with a wide glazed aperture, the bedroom features a long stretched open. Lots of air, lots of light.
interior of the second floor of a wooden house.
The bright interior of the second floor of a wooden house.
Philosophy Finnish house was adapted for the life of the Russian family. The house turned out as a Finnish-Russian tovar, there is a Finnish expression, there is a Russian word. And all together – a unique dialect, created by the imagination and talent of the architects.
Inside the house.
Inside the wooden house.

 sheathed in light wood
Inside the house is sheathed in light wood.

the roof of the veranda.
The window on the roof of the veranda.

of the house
The appearance of the house.

Ilichev, photo A. Tagni-rjadno

Plan 1 floor

Plan 1 floor house

Total area of 200.0 m2
The area of the 1st floor – m2 134,2
Kitchen-dining room – 14,2 m2
Living – 22,5 m2
Bedroom – 13,8 m2
Room – 16.7 m2
Terrace by 34.2 m2
The area of the 2nd floor – 65,8 m2

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View of the lower part of Nizhny Novgorod.

lower part of Nizhny Novgorod.

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Panorama Of Nizhny Novgorod.

Panorama  Nizhny Novgorod.

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Classic framing

Attractive project based on an old design, demonstrates how modern can look classic framing.



Design and construction: Platx Haus

filled with ease.
Interier homes are filled with ease.


The South facade of the house is almost completely glazed. In combination with large glass surfaces bearing wooden structures look quite gracefully

Wide roof overhangs protect the house and a cozy terrace from rain and bright sun

in high-tech style.
Elegant furniture in high-tech style.

The combination of glass and beams made of laminated timber generates light, even graceful look of the house. This also applies to exterior and interior. The spacious, light-flooded rooms have exposed wooden ceiling construction and vertical supports are not “crush” and at the same time allow you to visually identify various functional areas.
The first floor of the house – a single living space, separated by a small partition. For example, between the kitchen and dining room septum only conditionally defines boundaries, and the right and left of it the passage is open. The house, designed for a large family like the layout of the premises for joint activities is justified.


glass panels.

Large glass panels.

Also not clearly allocated and living room from which you can get in the dining room and into the kitchen, and adjoining the house open terrace under a wide canopy. Compact stairwell little stands for the boundary of the facade, giving the impression that the first floor is very spacious.

view of the framing

General view of the framing.

On the second floor there is a bedroom with dressing room, two children and a large family bathroom, which, through the bulkhead and double kit plumbing allows you to avoid the rush in the morning peak hours.


Large glass Windows

Large glass Windows make the room bright.

Using as building materials, wood and glass, the architect not only sought to produce a specific visual effect, but also pursued a practical purpose. The special properties of glass, providing a low heat, allow to achieve high energy efficiency, reduce heating costs.


Plan 1 floor

 Plan 1 floor

The plan of the 2nd floor

The plan floor

Total area – 176,0 m2land 1 floor – 98,0 m2 Hallway 12,0; 4,0 m2 Living room – 34,0 mshilava – 19,5 19,5 m2 Kitchen m2land 2 floors – 78,0 mjoll – 5,0 mcpalin – 17,0 margarona – 4,0 detska 17,0; 12,5 manna – 16.5 m2



Fachwerk night.

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Philosophy home

The psychology of an old house


Suffering from types of surface asphalt urban boxes and industrial communities, people are out of town, closer to the idiots, winding paths and low timbered houses. Art outline of this building – the way old warm home – revealed gradually and wonderfully combines modern urban and village.


Area with potted plants

Area with potted plants in the house

Exterior wooden structures due to various structural moves and artistic details turned out to be right in the image and likeness of the old house. By itself, the house has two floors, but rafter roof and a large console takeaway create the impression that the house is small. The mood is supported by the structure and characteristics of building materials. The texture of natural wood, with cracks and gaps, retains the impression of softness.

The wide openings of the corridor in the living room

The wide openings of the corridor in the living room

Stainless steel and very durable roofing copper laid on the roof, over time, became dark and acquired Selenomethionine shade. As you can see, time is on the way.

The same philosophy permeates the house from the inside. Wooden walls, the architects left in its natural looking nature, and for contrast portals internal openings made under the old tree.”

Wooden wooden

Wooden wooden table in the kitchen

In the style of the interior guess the French “country” with wicker furniture and pattern of the curtains, the aesthetics of a Russian village with a monopoly of the tree. Love forged metal parts also came from history. Metal in the house enough. This and the back bed in the nursery, and balusters of the staircase and balconies and wrought-iron chairs in the kitchen, and items of furniture, and decor stair railing, and lamps.

Floor tiles

Floor tiles are perfect for the tree

Old house its pleasant trifles. Antique chandelier, carved chairs, painted comedic, textiles in country style. The aesthetics of the house meets French fireplace with kirpichnozavodskaya trim and bracket to support the chimney

Decorative painting on wood in the bedroom that is made Aravinou. The ornament of the Cabinet doors and beams its bizarre twists follows the relief of the headboard and embossed pattern coverlet

Wooden staircase

Wooden staircase to the second floor

The old philosophy of the house combined with the modern rhythm of life. In the nursery on the second floor amicably settled iron chests for storage, and the floor is covered variegated rugs. The TV in the living room on your place, as well as a modern fireplace.

white fireplace

Large white fireplace

The house turned out to be vivid, warm, soft and comfortable. Moreover, it exists not in itself, but in the whole range of relationships and interactions with other buildings and nature. The second exit from the house leads to an improvised terrace with space for outdoor dining. Near the gazebo under a funny name “Booth for Bigfoot”, summer swimming pool, sauna, tennis court. All this to the accompaniment of green grass, ornamental and fruit trees, a small pond and stone paths

made ceiling

Originally made ceiling

A. Ilichev, photo And Shevchenko, WriteData

Ground floor plan

Ground plan

First floor plan

First plan

The total area of 195,m2 Area 1st floor – 110,tambur – 3,5 mjoll to 11.2 mcostalba to 29.8 hostina – 22,9 moriniere – 8,2 mcpalin is 21.8 Manuel – 7,1 mtech. space – 12,6 m2land 2 floors – 84,9 mcpalin 24,9; 18,3:15,1 Manuel – 7,1 mjoll 19,5m2

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Cozy home.

In this house you can fall in love at first sight. He is handsome genuine simple beauty and discreetly elegant. It is reliable and durable as granite rock. He has a good and obedient nature, and it is cozy and quiet with all its inhabitants.



The firm Lapponia House – Finnish, so its specialists, drawing on the traditions and knowledge of many generations, has successfully developed and implemented the construction of the walls, which absorbed all the best achievements of the past and the present. So, based houses Lapponia House formed a multilayer structure, sheathed wooden panel mi. This prevents shrinkage and distortions of the walls, cracks in the wood. Panels can be in the form of a round log or planed timber, as the insulation using mineral wool, in addition, there is windproof stand. In the house with such walls warm in winter and not hot in summer.


The interior   home

The interior is cosy home

All the houses from Lapponia House like brothers and sisters

a cozy home

Great light the fireplace in a cozy home.

- each with its own character and his person, but they are all equally wonderful and always keep all the best qualities that resemble them. In this project – Pinea 170
- the walls are made of solid insulated timber, planed under the beam; exterior and interior panels is a panel made of massive logs. The secret charm of this two-storey house, external appearance which immediately attracts the attention of everyone, is a harmonious combination of volumes, carefully calibrated using parts, a rational approach to the planning and functional division of the living space.

private house.

Pool in a private house.

This house is a haven of comfort and warmth, the citadel of prosperity and happiness, the abode of love and kindness. Surprisingly comfortable on your device, the home lives with their owners, allowing them to realize all your most daring projects and dreams. This house, created with love, he gives love to all who have the good fortune to live in it.

Plan 1 floor

Plan floor


The plan of the 2nd floor

The plan

Total area – 184,0 m2 1st floor – 108,0 mA Living – 20,0 m2 Connectology – 24,0 m2 Guest bedroom – 9,0 m2 Bathroom – 2,0 m2 Sauna – 4,5 m2 lounge – 6,5 m2 terrace – 23,0 m2 Laundry room – 12,0 m2, 2 floor – 76,0 m2 Hall 38,0 m2 Children – 10,0 m2 Bedroom – 14,0 m2 Bathroom – 7,0 m2 Balcony – 6.0 m2

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House with a lean-to roof.

Externally, the house immediately attracts attention with its lean-to roof. In combination with green window frames, a variety of facades [vertical posts, horizontal wood paneling that gives the house a rather striking appearance.


lean-to roof


Design: VomaBioBau


The first floor looks transparent because a large living room separated from the kitchen and from the hall by a glass partition. In the center of the living space on the first floor there is a white plastered oven, contrasting with the wood trim. From the kitchen there is a separate exit to the terrace, which is practical and convenient.

The interior of the house

The interior of the house is decorated in light colours

In the attic there are private rooms of the household, and a large hall in the centre of reading, playing games, watching TV. The design of the roof, in children’s rooms are pretty roomy.

house with a lean-to roof.

Bathroom in the house with a lean-to roof.

The structure of the house consists of supporting pillars, beam block walls and partly vertical cladding. With this method of construction is practically absent shrinkage of the wood and the formation of cracks. In the framework of the ecological concept of the house as an insulating material is cellulose.

Light wooden interior

Light wooden interior of the house with a lean-to roof.

The internal walls of the house only partially wood panelled lot plastered surfaces and made in the form of brick masonry of limestone.

a house with a lean-to roof.

The stairs to the second floor in a house with a lean-to roof.

Plan 1 floor

Plan 1 floor

The plan of the 2nd floor

The plan floor

General view of the house with a lean-to roof.

General view of the house with a lean-to roof.

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Those who wish to get their own house in the suburbs increasingly prefer luxury mansions, modest Chalet (Chalet – (FR. chalet), in the Alps is a small rural house in Swiss style. Small cottage (foreign)Iskhodno the word Chalet means “shepherd’s hut”. In addition, the Chalet is in a romantic parks of the XVIII century garden pavilion in the form of rural house, which was made in the pastoral landscape shade. One of the main features of the Chalet are strongly protruding eaves. The walls are made of wood, and modern high-rise buildings, the first floor is often made of plastered brick or stone. Now, many resorts offer holiday in Austria and France are quite comfortable, with all amenities homes that differs from the “small rural house”, but also called the Chalet.).

Chalet - (FR. chalet)

It seems no accident that this style was born in the mountains, so popular among residents of the East European plain. The charm of the Alpine-house in its scope and content. Appearance Chalet seems plain: squat building made of wood and stone, gable roof. Behind a discreet facade hiding the warmth and comfort is the most precious treasure of the house. Simple furniture, linen, wool, antlers on the walls, a collection of household items, old photos – it’s the little things, which are born by the magic atmosphere of the Chalet.

The spirit Chalet

The spirit Chalet in a modern interior.

Many romantics dream about conquering the mountain tops. But building a house in the mountains is for many an impossible fantasy. But if you want, you can make any wish. The couple, who sought to settle in a cozy Alpine Chalet, helped to realize this dream of a young Belgian designer. And in appearance, and the interior of the house, he was able to combine simplicity and comfort of the Chalet is a traditional refuge of shepherds and hunters with the latest technological developments and new trends in interior design.

from the Chalet.

View from the Chalet.

Undoubtedly, the Swiss Alps is a truly magical place. Here, high in the mountains, lies the beautiful house. Its owners wanted to find a cozy mountain refuge – Alpine Chalet with a slight touch of modernity, which has retained traditional features and at the same time present the current trends of interior design. This style was born in the mountains, where life was harsh and unpredictable weather. Classic Chalet – squat sustainable building with gable roof, reminiscent of the outstretched wings of the eagle, and small Windows. Usually it lived hunters or shepherds, so its main purpose is to protect them from the inclement weather and the scorching rays of the sun. This house is not “contrary to” nature, not suppress it, not seeking to stand out with their bright, puffy view, and fits well into the landscape.

the Chalet.

Inside the Chalet.

with wooden walls

Plaid curtains in harmony with wooden walls.

The young Belgian designer Philippe Michel created a “lightweight” version of the traditional Swiss Chalet. From the large Windows of this house offers a beautiful view of snowy mountain slopes, wrapped in transparent blue haze. Working on the interior, the wizard tried to maximize the picturesque scenery, which you can admire from the window. To the internal atmosphere corresponded to the external environment, Miselu had to work hard. First of all he decided to eliminate some of the partitions to expand the space and make the home more bright and Sunny. The feeling of space, freedom – modern trend (traditional Chalet is a “puppet” of the house with low ceilings and small Windows). In addition, this house must be very comfortable because in the old days in the winter can’t come out for weeks.

Retro interior of the Chalet

Retro interior of the Chalet.

Soft pastel colors look natural and enhance the feeling of spaciousness. This muted colors diluted with bright spots plaid. Curtains and bedspreads saturated dark red in color report decoration Chalet warmth and comfort.

wooden bed.

A large wooden bed.

In the interior of the Chalet is customary to use only natural materials: wood, fur, leather, linen, cotton and wool fabrics. Because traditionally these houses were home shepherds and hunters, their walls were decorated with hunting trophies.

Wooden dining table

Wooden dining table and horn chandelier above him.

The wall separating the dining room, living room, study room and a reading corner, the designer has maintained, since each of these areas has its own, peculiar to him alone features. Dining room is restraint. The main subject of her attire – a large table made of solid oak, surrounded by chairs with white covers, so that here there is a wonderful atmosphere of comfort. And compositional center of the living room is a fireplace made of local stone. However, the interior of this house an inherent unity. A connecting link is the color. Soft pastel colors look natural and enhance the feeling of spaciousness. This muted colors diluted with bright spots plaid. Curtains and flannel blankets saturated dark red in color report decoration Chalet warmth and comfort.

The designer managed to make it home the uniqueness and individuality. Many interior items, allowing you to recreate the spirit of antiquity, clay bowl, sled, Garcinia mountain scenery – were bought from antique dealers. Chalet – refuge shepherds and hunters often decorated with hunting trophies – grinning faces of wild animals. In this case, the designer chose antlers. The interior Alpine buildings dominated by wood. Its honey color warms the house, perched on a snowy mountain top. Philippe Michel used and other natural materials: linen, wool, leather, and stone.

In this house the various interior items – whether it be fabrics in warm colours, bright plaid,prints and photographs with views of mountains, deer horns, wooden sculptures of animals is characterized by simplicity and restraint. Here the features of an old Chalet coexist harmoniously with signs of modernity.


Photo: East News/Inside/ Patrick Van Robaeys

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Simple wooden home

A simple form of comfort
Several thousand years ago, the ancient Chinese sages said: if a man does not struggle with nature and live in harmony with it, the quality of life is significantly improved. They found also that the most beneficial life in the house, which faces to the sun, protected from all troubles with dense forest and slowly flowing stream.


wooden home

The authors of the project: architects A. Kirakira, S. Ozhogin (company HANDSWEL)

The story presented on these pages is the house I want to begin with the garden, a small pond and forest. Because the need to create a green area at home or near a characteristic of people of different ages and professions. The love of plants is not just a hobby, but also an opportunity to get acquainted with interesting and unpredictable world of living nature. How wonderful to walk around this garden, where you can enjoy a variety of scents of woods and herbs, to admire the reflections in the water and hear the joyful singing of birds, but most importantly, here you can relax, recharge your life energy.

wooden veranda

A large wooden veranda

The owners of the house had in mind not a mansion or a Chalet, but a very ordinary suburban cottage with lilac, Jasmine and always with a large veranda, on which they will collect guests. Chose this wonderful place for a special atmosphere, relaxed and welcoming. There are few deaf fences, and glowing evening like Windows is kind of an extraordinary life.

wooden door
Parade of the wooden door.

Coming into the house, understand that its space is filled with a measured noise of the forest and streams of fresh air; this space exudes peace and serenity imprison peaceful, natural colors and materials. In the home environment dominated by wood. Because, as you know, the tree breathes, so the house is optimal for a man microclimate. Good heat-insulating properties of wood are favorable for the creation of a comfortable environment in the home. Walls, changing shades from svetlorozovogo to pustozyorovo depending on the lighting, large rectangles of Windows, light niches, no walls between the kitchen and large dining room – it looks like an open space that can be enjoyed with complete comfort. The decoration of the facade perfectly combines the natural beauty of wood, the same color and texture of the walls, and inside the house.

Tnetesanov beam
The rafter man from netesanov beam.

Against the background of these walls look especially beautiful plants in large tubs. Strict vertical window and door openings dominant balance in the design of quiet horizontally. Regular life is quite suitable large terrace, which can be a long time to contemplate the incomprehensible magic of nature.

The design solution combines extreme simplicity and thoughtful functionality. However, restraint design house has nothing to do with the refined minimalism, his captivating simplicity not binding, suggesting complete surrender. Massive leather furniture in the living room is wonderful for her. Although the skin is not a traditional attribute of a rural house, here it is completely relevant, because in a country house in the first place – practicality. Well, and what could be more practical for the skin? It all goes perfectly among themselves without disturbing communal harmony.

wooden staircase
A spiral wooden staircase

In a country or rustic style, the details are important, not less, than in any other. Carved or woven boxes, chests or chandeliers with fittings create a charming flavor of antiquity. In this interior look great ceramic things, especially without irrigation glaze is matte, ground, though dusty from time to time. Dry flowers, live flowers, bunches of herbs, tied with colored threads – these little things and synthesize the interior atmosphere of the country.

The kitchen

The kitchen is made of wood and stone.
The kitchen is made of wood and stone.

The second floor is a large and cosy attic, win-win option for the interior of a country house. Low sloping ceilings, window openings in them is the source of romantic inspiration.
The bedroom on the second floor looks like a bedroom in a small hunting Lodge. Form of furniture made of solid wood traditional and original at the same time. A small Cabinet by the window and a Desk made from old samples.

Solid wooden interior elements
Solid wooden interior elements in combination with a large white fireplace.

The window over the sink
The window over the sink allows you to save electricity.

Here, in this house, clearly, poosala, almost physically felt the true meaning of such concepts as the rural idyll and the closeness to nature. All of these components of the image of the house harmoniously and seamlessly was simple and elegant formula – the formula of comfort.

Ground floor plan

floor plan

First floor plan

floor plan

Total area – 132,7 m2 1st floor – 83,0 m£ Tambour – 1.5 m2 Hallway – 3,9 m2 Bathroom – 4,2 m2 Kitchen of 18.4 m2 Dining room – 12,1 m2 Living room and 26.8 m2 Pantry – 3.2 m2 Bedroom – 12,6 m2
The area of the 2nd floor -49,7 m2
Bedroom and 19.4 m2 Bathroom – 6,4 m2 Children – 14,8 m2 Hall – 5,8 m2 Staircase – 3.3 m2


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The cabin in the woods

cabin in the woods

Design and construction of Honka

So we can formulate the credo of those who love the atmosphere of log houses. They will never agree with skeptics who believe chopped house is outdated, as for stressed city dweller so natural dwelling, surrounded by flowery gardens and century-old forest behind it, is simply a Paradise on earth.


 log house

Wooden log house


Whoever comes here, immediately catches the eye is a magnificent ensemble: large log house and extending over a large area flower garden. And all this against the backdrop of lush green pine forests. This impression is so strong that it is difficult to imagine a more harmonious combination.


The facade of the  log houses

The facade of the wooden log houses


The owners of this log home – in the past the inhabitants of the big city, long dreamed of a wooden house and, in principle, consider all possible options scanning directories of many construction companies. Including it was about half-timbered construction of their future home. But when they bought a plot of land situated near a pine forest, we decided to choose a log house.


The company Honka, which specializes in the production, as the material uses the wood is specially treated Nordic pine with particular strength and elasticity. These properties are the result of slow growth of trees in the North. (documented in the result of years of research).


in a wooden house

Wooden house interior


In the center of a land plot with a garden pond,partially bordering a pine forest, looks great house, built of round logs. Processed natural glaze the wood has become easy, silky Shine.

Direct contact logs with soil excluded. The house has a brick base, around which made the paving of gravel. Wooden elements of the garden paths are also not on the earth, and the small special Foundation that prevents excessive moisture

Wooden house

The main entrance in a wooden house


The wall between the kitchen and the Cabinet, and the fireplace made of silica brick. In addition to the technical reasons why the plan here was embodied the desire of the owners to make a rustic style. Warm air warms not only sitting near the fireplace, but the whole house. Therefore, all the rooms warm and cozy.

In addition, the trunks of pine trees here are very smooth. In the process of drying wood is not subject to cracking, facilitate its handling and use in construction. It should be noted that for manufacture of building materials Honka uses only the strongest part of the tree is its kernel. This material is strong, resinous and has a high resistance against rain and wind. Post transportation of construction material has a residual moisture content of about 15%.


During construction presents house was selected as the most ancient form of building elements – round log. Modern methods of wood processing to allow for a perfect fit every time logs and absolute density of joints.

Home company Honka are supplied in kit form building materials in packaging that prevents atmospheric phenomena, with each beam also numbered.


The bench at the trails

The bench at the trails near the house


The living area of the house is more 120,0 m2 on the ground floor and 54.0 per m2 in the attic. The house has no basement, as there is built a little house, designed for a sauna. It allocated a small room for tools and gardening equipment. Therefore, the owners found it unnecessary to invest in the equipment of the basement and do so graceful joblocom.


Without a moment regretting that chose timbered construction, home owners emphasize that the warmth from the present round logs, with nothing comparable. They think they live in the forest, but it is not so cold. Wood “breathes”, so the house is always fresh air in the rooms of the first floor made “warm floors”, a method of heating prevents dust formation, which, in turn, also improves the atmosphere in the house. On the premises is kept at a constant temperature in the range 21 to 22° C at relatively low costs for heating.


white fireplace

Large white fireplace

The choice of a single-layer wall construction due to the fact that all the logs are visible inside and outside and continuously ventilated.


At the same time were carried out the necessary work for the protection of wood: structural measures have been taken at the design and post construction all logs were impregnated with a special compound that protects the wood from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, pests, mold. Natural glaze, giving the tree a light silky luster, also provides protection from moisture. The walls of the house retaining the natural tone of pine and always look fresh.



Wooden table

Bright kitchen, in harmony with the light wood and floor tiles

Bright kitchen, in harmony with the light wood and floor tiles

interior of the house

Light the interior of the house


On the border of the land plot is a little house with a sauna. In addition, there is a small room used to store tools and gardening equipment


Total area of 174.5 m2 1st floor is 120.5 mg Hallway – 21,0 mg Living – 42,0 m2 Dining room – 15,0 m2 Kitchen – 12,5 m2 Office – 17,0 m2 Bathroom of 6.5 mg Pantry – 6,5 m2 2 floors – 54,0 m2 Gallery – 13,0 m2 Bedroom – 18.0 m2 guest Room – 14.5 m2 Bathroom – 8.5 m2



Ground floor

Ground floor plan



First floor

First floor plan




Plan saunas


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Finnish wooden house company “Honka”

cabin in the woods

The author and interior design and architect O. Makovetsky. The design and construction of the “Honka” Furniture gallery “Mistletoe”


Selected by the customer as a reference design for its suburban residence house of the Finnish company “Honka” with its balconies, spacious verandas and a large number of glazed surfaces gave opportunities panoramic view of the wonderful landscape, surrounded by a building: a gentle slope leading down to the Volga river, the river itself and the wide open spaces.

Landscaping surrounded by pine trees area of more than hectares, overlooking the river, was engaged in company “Russian Lawns and Flowers of White Cottages”. Very beautiful terrain additionally raznoobrazen different kinds of stones. The whole area is designed as an alternation of large open spaces that host a Japanese garden, a Finnish bath, a decorative cart with flowers, well.



Finnish cottage

For was based on the project type “house on the slope: three-storey house is only from the side of the main facade, facing the Volga river, while at the rear it appears to be two-story. But the height of the natural slope was not enough, so it was artificially increased.

The architect almost not made any changes in the basic equipment of the house from the Finnish company “Honka”.

Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna in the cottage

Finnish sauna
Finnish sauna with a pitched roof

A large stone fireplace

A large stone fireplace looks impressive on the background light wood.

The wooden interior

The wooden interior of the Finnish cottage


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Modern log house.

Russian log house: tradition and modernity.

Architectural engineering and design: D. Osinovsky. The construction of the Royal chamber"

Architectural engineering and design: D. Osinovsky. The construction of the Royal chamber”

The tenacious memory of childhood
Everyone who once lived in their own log home at the first opportunity strives to create for yourself and your family similar conditions. Love the wooden house is transferred from parents to children. Perfect home they see a folded light emitting resinous aroma of logs, decorated inside and outside turned and patterned wooden ornaments, indoor natural tile. The furniture is made of solid wood. In the courtyard of the wooden house – a log gazebo, wells, benches, dog houses. In traditional log home should have all the comforts and achievements of civilization: meet the requirements of our time heating, water, sewer, satellite TV and fiber-optic communications. In the context of this wooden house health will continue until a ripe old age, and thoughts and feelings will be bright.

log house.

 log house

The owners of the house who grew up in the picturesque Russian area, know what they need. The couple spent his younger years in a wooden home. When whiskey was silvered gray, had a desire to go to the eternal values… They had built a rustic log house with an area of about 400 m2.

Modern log house

Imagine pine, from which the two sections are obtained otsinkovanyy six logs with a diameter of 35 cm Age such beauties 100-120 years, up to 20 m For the construction of the house took a thousand of these trees, the very best devoid of flaws. Wooden house of logs of large diameter is expensive. But the pleasure of living in it is not comparable to anything else. Just look at the fabulous facade of the building seamlessly blends into the forest landscape.

Style wooden

The ability

The ability of the tree to bend style

Architecture and design of wooden houses, many people associate the country style. Log walls it is taken for granted. However, there is a very natural and organic and other styles. Remember different Moscow, which before the fire of 1812, and after a long time was made of wood. Depending on the tastes of residents and architects in the external appearance and internal decoration of Moscow timbered houses manifested and classical, and Baroque, and art Nouveau. In the history of our wooden architecture included the names of the giants of Russian modernism: S. Vashkov, C. Hartmann, M. Kuzmin, I. Ropet. Beautiful examples of Russian wooden architecture is depicted on the canvases Century Vasnetsov. Century Polenov, M. Nesterov.

To build a Russian - built from wood: beautiful, thoroughly, with panache!

To build a Russian – built from wood: beautiful, thoroughly, with panache!

The artistic merits of the author's fireplace is accented wooden décor a wooden staircase and fireplace

fireplace is accented wooden décor a wooden staircase and fireplace

The artistic merits of the author’s fireplace is accented wooden décor a wooden staircase and fireplace

Stylistic experiment that was carried out by the owners of the house together with the architect and designer Denis Osinovsky, was successful. In the context of the wooden walls of polished and beautifully procolophonid logs in the living room on the ground floor organically perceived Italian

wooden staircase

Massive wooden staircase

The furniture in the art Nouveau style and huge stained glass Windows in the same style, through which overlooks the woods. Bronze two-story chandelier and decorated with bronze ornamental castings fireplace in the living room is made in the art Nouveau style. The same furniture furnished mezzanine second floor bedroom of the mistress.

But you cannot argue that in the interior of the house is dominated by modern. In other residential areas – dining room, kitchen, meeting room and recreation in Bay parts – furniture, lamps and decorations tend to be classic and other styles. Through connecting these premises wooden arches creates a holistic space of the first floor, the style of which features an organic unity.

ground floor

Plan of the ground floor

The plan of the 1st floor of a wooden house

The plan of the 1st floor of a wooden house

The plan of the 2nd floor of a wooden house

The plan of the 2nd floor of a wooden house

The plan of the 3rd floor of a wooden house

The plan of the 3rd floor of a wooden house

Total area – 455,0 mg the area of the basement – 148,0 mg Hall – 8.3 m2 Pantry – 11,3; 7,5 m2 Laundry room – 7,8 m2 Fitness and 16.2 mg recreation Room with a font – 40,0 mg Sauna – 8,9 mg the Locker room – 11,0 mA Bathroom – 3,6; 3,2 m2 Bedroom of 23.6 m2 1 floor – 1 54,0 m2 Vestibule of 4.1 mg Bathroom – 2.1 mg Hall of 14.8 mg

Living – 37,1 mg Kitchen to 25.4 mg, Dining room and 16.2 mg Pantry – 8,0 m2 Garage at 20.2 m2 Boiler room – 7,5 m2 Office – 15,0 mg Square 2 floor of 124.6 mg Hall to 19.3 mg the Second level of 22.3 mg Bedroom – 20,3; 20,3; 20,2 m’ Bathroom – 11,4; 7,5 m2 Dressing room – 3,3 m2 attic – 28,4 m Bedroom – 18,3 m2 Bathroom – 6,5 m2

On the ground floor of the house – technical rooms, a modern sauna, a massage room, and decorated with stylish mosaic room with a Jacuzzi. It is well ventilated floor with Underfloor heating.
Children’s room on the second floor, stylized ship cabin, modern and functional. It has enough space for games. From a child you can go to the balcony above the entrance portal. About the same design in the attic room.

the house

The interior of the house

All three levels in the house connects the classical marching staircase of solid oak. To move around it easily and conveniently. With landings beautiful views of space living room and through the window at the forest. The staircase ascends to decorative puffs ceiling beams and rafters. They are an important part of the decor and the main attraction of the interior decoration along with log walls.

large wooden box

A large wooden box

two friendly material in the interior

Decorative stone and wood – two friendly material in the interior

Carefully polished wooden logs – the main decoration and peasants huts, and the boyar tower

Genuine home decoration are the copyright fireplace and penetrating the building from top to bottom chimney, decorated with natural stone. Finding designer – decorative illumination of the frieze and the protective panel of frosted glass that framed the portal of the fireplace. On the glass – bronze decorative ornament, made in the technique of casting and stamping.

View on the first floor of a wooden house

View on the first floor of a wooden house

Stylistically heterogeneous amazing interiors combined with each other, forming an artistic whole. The factor of uniformity of style – timbered walls themselves are a work of art. In contrast to the stone houses, the tree will not give moral old interior decoration of the house, which decades later would be perceived as more relevant than today.

According to experts of the modern wooden architecture, presents the house is one of the most beautiful and unusual in Russia and Europe. Perhaps things will change if we build a unique house made of logs with a diameter of 55 see I Want to believe that this tale will become a reality!


wooden roof

Arch wooden roof


Wooden furniture

P. Nikolaev, photo 3. Rizatdinova
According to the magazine •Beautiful home – N-1 (27), 2002

Source: Wooden houses – Special edition” 2003

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Wooden house turn-key basis.

Wooden house

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Wooden house


That wooden Russia revives, today it is obvious to all. Russians appreciate the tree: it is the source of health, and the best material for the construction and works of art. Products made of natural wood are back in use, displacing the surrogates of plastic and fiberboard. Wealthy townspeople and villagers are rediscovering the beauty of Russian log houses, which more and more.

In the vast expanses of Russia, there are relict coniferous forests. From powerful pines, spruces and larches centuries built houses Russians of all classes – from peasant to Emperor. For Russian people, unlike Europeans and Asians (these parts of the world poor forest), so the unique resources available to this day.

Descendants of Vyatichi and Krivichi took into account international experience and launched a high-tech construction of wooden houses made of round logs of large diameter. Today, luxury log to

Now the Russians are increasingly building a good and easy Russian wooden houses. Our architects and builders of the trail traditions of national wooden architecture, enriching their modern achievements of the building art.

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New Moscow on the map.

New Moscow

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Tower “Moscow-City”. Moscow.

Tower "Moscow-City". Moscow

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Shot from a film about Moscow.

Author: the archive of the Centre for historical urban studies (CIHTPS)

Author: the archive of the Centre for historical urban studies (CIHTPS)

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Dog lane at the junction with Silver street.

Author: the archive of the Centre for historical urban studies (CIHTPS)

Author: the archive of the Centre for historical urban studies (CIHTPS)

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Former Dog Playground

Dog Playground in Moscow

Author: the archive of the Centre for historical urban studies (CIHTPS)

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