Leo Abramovich Mazel

Leo Abramovich Mazel, musicologist. Teacher of theoretical subjects (1931-1941, 1943-1949, 1954-1967, since 1939 – professor), head of Theory of Music Chair (1936-1941). Together with his pupils: Manashir Abramovich Yakubov, Irena Fyodorovna Prudnikova and Yekaterina Mikhailovna Tsaryova, teacher of history of foregin music (since 1964).

Chair of History of Foreign Music

Chair of History of Foreign Music (1965). Sitting are: N.S. Nicholayeva, T.E. Tsytovich, R.I. Gruber, I.V. Nestyev. Standing are: I.R. Eolyan, S.N. Pitina, G.V. Krauklis Roman Ilich Gruber (1895-1962), musicologist. Professor in history of music (1941-1962), head of Chair of World History of Music (1943-1962) Tamara Erastovna Tsytovich, musicologist. Merited Art Worker of the RSFSR.…


Semyon Semenovich Bogataryov

Semyon Semenovich Bogataryov (1890-1960), composer, music theorist. Taught composition (1943-1960, since 1943-professor), deputy director for scientific and educational work (1943-1948), dean of the Departament of Theory and Composiotion (1949-1960). At the lesson with his pupils Alemdar Sabitovich Karamanov (left) and Vyacheslav Alexandrovich Ovchinnikov.


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