Henrik Iljich Litinsky (1901-1987).

Henrik Iljich Litinsky (1901-1987), composer. Teacher of theory of music and composition (1924-1943, since 1933- professor, in 1932-1943 head of Chair of Composition). Together with students of the Conservatoire National Studio. Sitting are: I.N. Nadirov, V.I. Muradeli, H.I. Litinsky, V.N. Mkrtycheva. V.P. Vorobyov, M. Ya Magidenko, N.V. Narimanidze, N.G. Zhiganov.

The Road of the October.

The Road of the October. Oratorio – “musical action in three links” for choir, soloists, piano, trumpet, button-accordion and percussion ensemble (1927), a composition jointly created by the following students – composers of the Conservatoire: V.A. Bely, G.S. Bruck, A.A. Dovidenko, M.V. Koval, Z.A. Levina, S.N. Ryauzov, V.M. Tarnopolsky, N.P. Chemberdzhi, B.S. Schechter.